We are pleased to introduce ourselves as publisher of ” PASHUDHAN PRAHAREE”. monthly, bi-lingual (English-Hindi) & highly circulated technical magazines dedicated to Poultry  and Livestock Industry. Pashudhan praharee is India’s premier Livestock  magazine, which provides the updates of news and analysis on topical issues of national and international importance in animal husbandry. The magazine also analyses sectoral issues involving biotechnology, farm mechanization, , farm credit, food processing, agribusiness, research and extension, marketing, high-tech animal husbandry  etc.
Pashudhan praharee is contents rich and information driven magazine with its unique style of presentation. The magazine provides comprehensive information on the market and industry, economic and policy issues, scientific advances, new  livestock-input products, new technologies and latest news and analysis on the developments in animal husbandry.

Pashudhan praharee is the mouthpiece of Indian Dairy & Poultry  industry. The lead articles of the  magazine are authored by experts on various fields of Poultry, dairy & allied livestock  industry. It also carries articles on finance, marketing, management, legislation, development programmes and policies, etc. written by specialists. The contents of magazine  also include market information, scientific and technical know-how, health related knowledge, news from India & abroad, news about events that are coming up soon .
Pashudhan praharee is widely circulated among the policy makers, government officials, industry, research & academic institutions, embassies, extension agencies, financial and rural institutions, farmers, animal husbandry experts and other stake-holders in animal husbandry  sector. Over the last 7 years the magazine has addressed national issues and also highlighted the problems, policies, trends in animal husbandry , agribusiness and rural development. It has gained a readership base of over 5,000 .

Effective and timely communication is of vital priority because the world has become a small village and accessibility has become easier. This gives scope for online journalism. Realising this need, Pashudhan praharee has introduced an email based  Animal husbandry  news service by collecting relevant news from all economic, scientific and business dailies. This keeps all the stakeholders in the industry abreast with developments in the field of animal husbandry  and agribusiness.

The aim of the Magazine is to provide open access platform to authors to publish their knowledge & experiences and to readers to gain knowledge of popular activities in the field of animal husbandry. This mission is led to extend technologies from a region where they are quite popular to a region where they are not known so that others can benefit from knowing it. In hope of that it can be done by sharing our best livestock  technologies to each other, an initiation to publish the magazine, named ‘ Pashudhan praharee ‘ was taken. To make this step a successful one, everyone linked to animal husbandry  field, whether farmer, researcher, student, scientist, extension worker, or any other whether authors & readers of  Veterinary  science are highly encouraged to share their knowledge & experiences in the field of animal husbandry . There are many things to share like, success stories on popular technologies in the field of animal husbandry, significant farmer’s practices leading to dignified socio-economic conditions, practices those gained popularity in our ancient animal husbandry systems, Indigenous Technology Knowledge (ITKs) of animal husbandry , or even suggestions to improve our animal husbandry  in changing agro-ecological scenario or any activity of animal husbandry  being popular in a particular locality or region could benefit the community. Most importantly there are many practices at farmers’ level attained by their long lived experience and traditional wisdom which needs to be shared from one geographical corner to the other for the sake of improvement in our animal husbandry.

 Dairy & Poultry Industry in India is growing rapidly and knowledge transfer of latest techniques are necessary for every dairy entrepreneur & poultry person. Keeping in mind “Pashudhanpraharee” has come out to keep technically update the industry people. With a strong circulation of approx. 5,000+ copies in every nook & corner of India and abroad , we are the 1st choice of every poultry farmer as well as Dairy entrepreneurs. Pashudhan praharee provides real value to advertisers as it delivers an audience, who is involved in entire process of decision making.
“Pashudhan praharee” contains technical articles, product up-to-date, new techniques implemented world wide, interviews of famous poultry & Livestock entrepreneurs/ personalities, technical & general news related to Livestock & poultry industry in Hindi & English both. All this information under one roof will technically update every Livestock & poultry personality. Your product’s advertisement in “Pashudhan praharee” will definitely give boost to your business.
We are pleased to inform you that we are the one & only Livestock & poultry magazine publisher in India having Online Digital Edition of magazine available on our website www. pashudhanpraharee.com
We are pleased to inform you that we are the one & only livestock & poultry magazine publisher in India having RNI & ISSN Registration.
Over the last 7 years of its publication it has developed a large circulation and gained both national and international readership of industry professionals, Dairy & poultry buyers,producers, manufacturers, Government and media circle. 
This magazine has a very strong and focused philosophy with regards advertising across the company’s web sites. Our aim is to completely integrate the advertisers’ messages by connecting them directly to their website. This extra effort creates huge marketing benefits for the advertisers.

our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the animal husbandry practices in India and transfer the  technologies from Lab to Land. To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of 

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services, always.